IAR KickStart Kit for Freescale Kinetis K60 Microcontrollers

IAR Systems introduced a KickStart Kit for Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM Cortex-M4 based Kinetis microcontrollers. The IAR KickStart Kit for Kinetis K60 enables rapid evaluation of and prototyping with the Kinetis microcontroller family. The kit is compatible with the Freescale Tower System development platform. The starter kit is ideal for industrial control, medical, and consumer electronics applications. The IAR KickStart Kit for Kinetis K60 includes hardware boards, debug probe, software tools and code examples. It is available now for $239 USD (190 EUR).

IAR Systems KickStart Kit for Freescale Semiconductor's ARM Cortex-M4 Kinetis K60N512 microcontroller

IAR KickStart Kit for Kinetis K60N512

  • Tower K60 MCU module (TWR-K60N512)
    • Kinetis K60N512 device (Cortex-M4)
    • Capacitive Touch Pads
    • Integrated, Open-Source JTAG ­ SD Card Slot, MMA7660 3-axis accelerometer
    • Tower Plug-In (TWRPI) Socket for expansion
    • Touch TWRPI Socket adds support for various capacitive touch boards
    • Tower connectivity for access to USB, Ethernet, RS232/RS485, CAN, SPI, I²C, Flexbus, etc.
    • Potentiometer, 4 LEDs, 2 pushbuttons, infrared port
  • Tower Serial module (TWR-SER)
    • USB Host, Device, and OTG with mini-AB connector
    • Ethernet PHY with MII and RMII interface
    • Eithernet connector with integrated magnetics
    • CAN transceiver with 3-pin head
  • Tower Prototype module (TWR-PROTO)
    • Broad board prototyping area with 5V, 3.3V and GND access
    • East to add custom circuitry to the Tower system design
  • Tower Elevator module (TWR-ELEV)
    • Power regulation circuitry, standardized signal assignments
    • Common serial and expansion bus signals and side-mounting board
  • IAR J-Link Lite for Cortex-M debug probe
    • SWD/SWO support for Cortex-M0/M1/M3/M4 devices
    • JTAG clock up to 4MHz
    • Flash download
    • 3.3V target interface voltage (5V tolerant)
    • 19-pin adapter cable included
  • IAR Embedded Workbench – kickstart and evaluation editions
    • KickStart edition limited to 32kB of code
    • Fully functional 30-days evaluation edition
  • IAR visualSTATE – evaluation edition
    • UML-compliant graphical design environment for reactive systems
    • Formal verification and validation tools
    • Code generator
  • Freescale MXQ Software Solutions
    • RTOS, TCP/IP and USB stacks provided by Freescale
    • Project templates and examples

More info: IAR Systems