2011 SEMATECH Knowledge Series

The 2011 SEMATECH Knowledge Series (SKS) will discuss the challenges and technology developments in next-generation lithography, materials and methods to enhance transistor and back-end development, and ways to improve manufacturing efficiency and yield. The worldwide conferences, symposia, and workshops are designed to enhance global knowledge and collaboration in key areas of nanoelectronics R&D by providing technology forums to explore critical issues and build industry consensus.

2011 SEMATECH Knowledge Series

Advanced Mask Cleaning Workshop
September 2011; Monterey, California
This full-day workshop will discuss advancements in technologies and solutions applicable to advanced mask cleaning and surface preparation challenges. Topics include sub-30nm particle removal, molecular contamination removal, mask inspection defect analysis, and environmental approaches to mask cleaning.

International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
October 17-19, 2011; Miami, Florida
The EUVL Symposium focuses on the technology and infrastructure for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL), including sources, masks, optics, resists, contamination control, and metrology to support EUVL pilot line manufacturing requirements.

International Symposium on Lithography Extensions
October 20-21, 2011; Miami, Florida
The Lithography Extensions Symposium discusses the efforts to extend lithographic patterning beyond the 15 nm half-pitch node. The primary emphasis will be placed on innovative patterning processes, emerging technologies, and on techniques for improving process control.

Maskless Lithography and Multibeam Mask Writer Workshop
Date and location to be announced
This workshop will review technical and business aspects of ML2 technologies in application to direct wafer imaging and as a solution for high-speed mask writers. The objective of the workshop is to develop an understanding of the current status and performance of these lithography systems, identify remaining challenges, and identify development, engineering and business gaps facing the implementation of ML2 or multibeam mask writing technology.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference
March 21-23, 2011; Austin, Texas
This conference features advanced wafer and mask cleaning and surface preparation technologies. Speakers and participants will explore current developments and ITRS challenges in wafer and mask cleaning, including wafer front-end, wafer back-end, advanced mask, and environment, safety and health issues for the 16 nm node and beyond.

Design for Reliability Workshop – Stress Management for 3D ICs Using Through Silicon Vias
March 17, 2011; Santa Clara, CA
This workshop will bring together representatives from device manufacturers, electronic design automation suppliers, semiconductor assembly and test service providers, and the R&D community to focus on the mechanical stress-driven failure mechanisms, the associated test vehicles, and the characterization and modeling methodologies which pertain to the via-middle through-silicon-via (TSV) 3D stacking technologies.

Workshop on Metrology for 3D Interconnect
July 13, 2011; San Francisco, California
This workshop focuses on how new and existing wafer metrology technologies can be utilized, modified or enhanced to measure and improve 3D interconnect processes.

International Symposium on Advanced Gate Stack Technology
Fall 2011; Location to be announced
The focus of this symposium is Functional Stacks for Logic and Memory Devices. The symposium will feature industry experts presenting their latest research in both invited and contributed talks, and a discussion panel of representatives from major semiconductor device makers, equipment makers, and academia.

ISMI Manufacturing Weeks
June 2011; Tokyo, Japan
September 2011; Hsinchu, Taiwan
October 2011; Austin, Texas
The ISMI Manufacturing Weeks will include a variety of workshops and Mature Technology Fab program meetings focused on specific topics relevant to today’s semiconductor manufacturing challenges. Supplier presentations or exhibits will provide additional information about the latest products, services and novel ideas for increasing profits.

ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness
October 2011; Austin, Texas
Sessions will focus on key manufacturing and business issues in today’s global semiconductor industry, with opportunities for networking. The symposium includes sessions focused on advanced equipment control and advanced process control (AEC/APC) and brings IC manufacturers and suppliers together to accelerate the industry toward more efficient and more intelligent manufacturing through automated data-driven decision making.

SEMATECH Symposia 2011
June 2011; Tokyo, Japan
September 2011; Hsinchu, Taiwan
October 2011; Seoul, Korea
This event will present program updates and examples of how SEMATECH’s models for consortial R&D are accelerating the next technology revolution worldwide. Public sessions will feature industry experts and will focus on key technology, manufacturing, and business issues in today’s global semiconductor industry, and will provide opportunities for networking.

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Conferences
July 13, 2011; San Francisco, California
December 14, 2011; Seoul, Korea
The ITRS public conferences offer technologists and strategists from the manufacturing and supplier communities the opportunity to participate in building the next ITRS by providing input to the working group teams of industry and research experts who revise the semiconductor industry Roadmap.

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