AWR iMatch Automated Impedance Matching Module

AWR introduced iMatch, which is an automated impedance matching module that works seamlessly with Microwave Office (MWO) software. The iMatch impedance matching wizard quickly and easily takes RF engineers through the process of evaluating different matching topologies and selecting the optimal solution based upon certain, user-specified requirements. The iMatch impedance matching module enables designers to quickly compare different matching topologies and choose among the best solution based upon user-specified requirements. iMatch is a submodule of iFilter. iMatch is available now.

AWR iMatch automated impedance matching module for Microwave Office (MWO) software

AWR iMatch Features

  • Works seamlessly with Microwave Office (MWO) software
  • Supports a variety of matching network classes
  • Meets a wide range of impedance matching challenges
  • Works as a component of AWR’s iFilter filter synthesis module
  • Ease of use
  • Supported iMatch Types
    • Output and Inter-stage

      • L/pi/T
      • 3-sec
      • 4-sec
      • TL + Stub
      • Multi TL
    • Reactance Cancellation
      • Lumped (series)
      • Lumped (shunt)
      • Stub (shunt)
      • Transmission Line

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