Cadence Mixed-Signal Design Seminars

Cadence Design Systems is offering a series of mixed-signal design seminars. Registration is open in North America now. EMEA and Asia sessions will be open within a few weeks. The events will discuss best practices for realizing highly integrated and complex mixed-signal designs more productively and profitably. The seminars will present case studies about how companies are using Cadence mixed-signal solutions to achieve the tape-out goals, optimize performance and power, reduce costs, improve turnaround time and mitigate chip functionality and quality risks.

Cadence Mixed-Signal Design Seminar Topics

  • Mixed-signal verification challenges and solutions
  • AMS behavioral modeling
  • Analog and mixed-signal simulation and verification
  • Metrics Driven Verification of Mixed-Signal SoC
  • Power intent and verification in Mixed Signal
  • Mixed-signal implementation challenges and solutions
  • Mixed-signal implementation using a schematic-on-top methodology
  • IR/EM analysis for mixed-signal designs
  • Mixed-signal SoC integration using a netlist-on-top methodology
  • Enabling interoperability through OpenAccess

Cadence EDA360 Tech on Tour Schedule

North America

  • San Jose: February 17
  • Boston, Mass.: February 22
  • Austin, Texas: February 23
  • Irvine, Calif.: February 24


  • Swindon, England: March 8
  • Grenoble, France: March 9
  • Munich, Germany: March 10
  • Milan, Italy: March 11


  • Beijing, China: February 28
  • Shenzhen, China: March 2
  • Shanghai, China: March 4
  • Seoul, Korea: March 9
  • Hsinchu, Taiwan: March 11
  • Singapore: March 15
  • Yokohama, Japan: March 17

Cadence EDA360 Tech on Tour: Silicon Realization / Mixed-Signal R&D Seminars