Quadros RTXCview System Trace and Profiling Tool for Embedded Systems

RTXCview, from Quadros Systems, is a system trace and profiling tool for embedded systems. RTXCview provides visual insight and understanding of the runtime behavior of embedded systems using the RTXC RTOS. It works as a companion to traditional debuggers. RTXCview System Trace Tool is available now. It is licensed on a per seat basis starting at $300 for RTXCview Basic Edition and $1500 for RTXCview Professional Edition. The Basic Edition offers standard features and the Professional Edition is for engineers who want to tune the tool for greater insight.

Quadros Systems RTXCview system trace and profiling tool for embedded systems

Quadros Systems RTXCview Features

  • Consists of a recorder in the RTXC kernel and a viewer tool that runs on a host PC
  • Recorder runs on the target processor and logs system and user events in the target RAM
  • Helps developers avoid flying blind and prevents costly field failures
  • Improves runtime insight and understanding
  • Results in better design and improved system performance/stability
  • Helps detect the underlying causes of system failures
  • Provides information about CPU usage and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Prevents future problems by allowing for trend studies in CPU usage and execution times
  • Complex timing problems (sometimes referred to as Heisenbugs) can be identified in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Provides a better understanding of the system’s runtime behavior
  • Shows everything on a scalable timeline using the vertical axis
  • Color coded entities eliminate the need to move focus all over the screen just to locate an actor
  • Shows the level of interference from higher priority entities
  • Allows for zooming in on details, down to microseconds, but also gives a good overview when zooming out over several seconds
  • Showing the timing of kernel services issued by the task, thread and ISR actors

More info: Quadros Systems