AWR Connected for ODB++

AWR Connected for ODB++ is a PCB layout verification design flow for connecting third party PCB tools and AWR software (Microwave Office RF/microwave circuit simulation and AXIEM electromagnetic analysis software). It enables the flow of PCB layout data (exported from vendor tools in ODB++ format) into AWR’s Microwave Office / AXIEM software for post-layout, final design-stage verification. The ODB++ PCB flow moves layout data from an engineer’s PCB vendor tool into a relevant and independent file format ready for use and import into AWR software. AWR Connected for ODB++ is available now.

AWR Connected for ODB++ PCB layout verification design flow

AWR Connected for ODB++ Features

  • Connects third party PCB tools and AWR software
  • Import layout from PCB tools for EM analysis
  • Full PCB, arbitrary section, and/or select traces with proximity
  • Schematic automatically created from component information ( models supplied by designer)
  • EM Ports automatically applied and wired into schematic
  • Complements existing AWR Connected bidirectional flow with Mentor Graphics that support full co-design at all stages
  • ODB++ database includes artwork, nets, layer stack-up, drill, and components
  • Transfers important intelligence from the PCB layout/database into Microwave Office
  • Gives engineers the ability to selectively import either by net or by region
  • Reduces the amount of unnecessary data passed to the simulator
  • Provides a flow with PCB vendors such as Altium and Intercept
  • Ready to EM simulate with AXIEM

More info: AWR