VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0

Data Translation rolled out VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0. The latest version of VIBpoint includes tools for data acquisition, enhanced signal processing and analysis features, and display. The VIBpoint Framework Application adds real-time analysis features to DT9837 and DT8837 vibration test systems. The VIBpoint Framework Application provides continuous and re-triggered data acquisition, records data to disk, and analyzes the acquired data using single-channel and two-channel FFT functions. VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0 is priced from $1495 USD.

Data Translation VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0

VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0 Features

  • Perform a single FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) operation on the acquired data, including: Spectrum, Auto Spectrum, and Power Spectral Density
  • Perform two-channel FFT operations, including: Frequency Response Functions (Inertance, Mobility, Compliance, Apparent Mass, Impedance, Dynamic Stiffness or Custom/User defined using H1, H2, or H3 Estimator types), Cross-Spectrum, Cross Power Spectral Density, Coherence, and Coherent Output Power
  • Display processed data as Amplitude, Phase or Nyquist plot
  • Discover and select supported devices
  • Configure all input channel settings for the attached sensors, such as: enable state, IEPE settings, input range, counter and tachometer edges, and engineering units for the sensors
  • Load/Save multiple hardware configurations
  • Simultaneously acquire data from all selected channels on each connected device
  • Log acquired data to disk, file can be opened later for further processing
  • Configure and view statistics about the FFT data, including the frequency and dB value of the highest peaks
  • Time domain data can be displayed as acquired and/or after windowing
  • Linear and Exponential Averaging Types are supported along with RMS (Real), Vector (Complex), and Peak Hold Averaging Modes
  • Open recorded data in Excel for further analysis
  • Customize many aspects of the signal display to suit your needs, including row/column configuration, colors, fonts, custom header annotation, signal overlay
  • Display acquired and processed data in real-time during acquisition
  • Any processing parameters can be changed post-acquisition and the results are immediately calculated and displayed
  • Export data as comma or tab delimited text, and export display window to a variety of graphics file formats

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