AdaCore GNATemulator Tool for Embedded Software Testing

AdaCore launched GNATemulator emulator solution for testing embedded software applications. GNATemulator enables software developers to compile code directly for their target architecture and run it on their host platform. The tool translates the target object code to native instructions on the host. GNATemulator is based on the QEMU technology, which is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer. The AdaCore emulator is a streamlined, low-cost alternative to time-accurate target board simulators. GNATemulator is available now.

GNATemulator Features

  • Lightweight, easy-to-use tool for target code execution during early development and verification processes
  • Based on the QEMU generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer technology
  • Helps automate testing campaigns for embedded application code
  • Enables developers to use continuous integration techniques
  • Multiple versions of GNATemulator can be launched at the same time
  • Enables parallel testing
  • Integrated with the GNAT Pro toolset
  • Can be used with other AdaCore tools, such as the GNAT debugger (a part of the GNAT Programming Studio) and GNATcoverage
  • Reduces hardware cost and maintenance
  • Actual target is needed only for integration testing because unit and functional testing can be done directly on the emulator
  • Development teams can start producing and testing code for the target before acquiring the actual target hardware
  • Can be installed directly on each developer’s desktop machine
  • Ideal for testing situations that do not require full-feature emulators

More info: AdaCore