Artisan Studio ParaSolver Add-on Module for Complex SysML Systems

Atego rolled out Artisan Studio ParaSolver, which is an add-on module for Artisan Studio standards-based, model-driven development tool suite. Artisan Studio ParaSolver increases the design power of Artisan Studio by providing embedded system engineers with the ability to secure their design decisions. Artisan Studio ParaSolver increases design quality assurance and reduces overall design time and costs by providing system engineers with the ability to easily identify the best design compromises and enabling optimal design solutions to be quickly determined.

Artisan Studio ParaSolver add-on module for Artisan Studio

Artisan Studio ParaSolver Features

  • Speeds up the process of exploring complex SysML design alternatives through the execution of SysML parametric models
  • Enables optimal system design solutions to be determined quickly and easily
  • Enables system engineers to calculate system measures-of-effectiveness (MoEs) and automatically verifies design constraints
  • Artisan Studio ParaSolver connects SysML with solvers like Mathematica and OpenModelica
  • Equations used for computing MoEs are represented as constraint blocks while SysML parametric diagrams graphically connect system properties and MoEs using these equations
  • Complex systems can be decomposed in Artisan Studio using SysML blocks and parts and non-functional requirements refined with constraint blocks
  • Automatically verified by Artisan Studio ParaSolver using the values in the SysML instance models which capture the design alternatives
  • By varying input properties, engineers can explore what-if scenarios to find best-in-class system alternatives
  • Easily set up trade-off studies by specifying ranges or discrete sets of property values
  • Leverages the power of existing functional models and dispersed model fragments in this process

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