Real-Time 2011 Conference – Call for Papers, Presentations, Tutorials

The Real-Time 2011 Conference has issued a call for papers, presentations, and tutorials. Papers, presentations and tutorials should focus on real-world applications of real-time simulation, hardware-in-the-loop and rapid control prototyping technologies. The deadline to submit an abstract is March 16, 2011. The deadline for submission of final manuscripts and presentations is May 2, 2011. Real-Time 2011, hosted by Opal-RT Technologies, will take in Shanghai, June 20-22, 2011.

Real-Time 2011 Topics

  • Enabling the Intelligent Power Grid (HVDC, FACTS, and DG Integration)
    • Real-Time, HIL and fast simulation of multilevel voltage source converters applied in HVDC, FACTS; and AC-DC-AC converters used for wind farm integration
    • Multi-processor simulation application demonstrations including achievable time steps; and simulator architectures with 2000+ I/Os
    • Impact of power system studies, system performance analysis and comparisons with naturally-commutated thyristor-based converters
    • Applications of Monte Carlo simulation techniques for stresses, performance and troubleshooting analysis
    • Power system solvers optimized for the simulation of power systems with large numbers of switches
  • Electromobility / Electrification of Transport Systems
    • Real-Time, HIL and fast simulation of large power electronic systems used in All-Electric Ships, electric trains and more electrical aircraft for design, unit testing and system integration testing
    • FPGA-based fast and real-time simulation of power electronic systems in more electrical aircraft for design, unit testing and system integration testing
    • High power multilevel voltage- and current-source multi-converters and drive systems
    • Real-Time simulation, control development and application of very high-speed motor drives
    • Integration of Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles (PHEV) with distribution systems and Microgrids
  • Real-Time Simulation in the Development and Study of Distributed Generation Sources and Microgrids
    • Real-Time, HIL and fast simulation of complex Microgrids integrated with conventional distribution systems
    • Power HIL applications for test and optimization of Microgrid systems
    • Protection systems and global control testing for Microgrid applications
  • Automotive Software and ECU Quality Assurance
    • Integration tests of complex hybrid-electric vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
    • Integration of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and all-electric vehicles with power grids
    • Real-time co-simulation using third-party heterogeneous simulation software and HIL systems
    • Large-scale multi-ECU Virtual Vehicle integration testing
  • Aerospace Software and HIL Test Systems
    • HIL Test benches for FADEC and avionic controllers
    • Integration testing of energy generation and distribution and intelligent electrical loads and actuators for More Electrical Aircraft
    • Reconfigurable Engineering Flight Simulators for performance evaluation
    • Training simulators

More information: Real-Time 2011