Calypto PowerPro 4.1 for RTL Power Optimization

Calypto Design Systems rolled out version 4.1 of PowerPro, which is an advanced RTL power optimization product family. Calypto’s PowerPro 4.1 runs on PC platforms running Linux. PowerPro CG and PowerPro MG are each priced at $295K for a one-year, time-based license. PowerPro Analyzer is included with either PowerPro CG or PowerPro MG.

PowerPro 4.1 Features

  • New power optimization and enhanced usability features
  • Enables designers to deliver the lowest power designs possible in the shortest amount of time
  • Uses innovative boolean expression optimization and sequential switching activity propagation
  • Enables maximum power savings for today’s complex designs
  • Supports VHDL designs
  • Enhanced hierarchical sequential analysis techniques
  • Up to 2X memory power savings in large networking designs that include complex control logic
  • Advancements in PowerPro CG enable up to 5X improvements in runtime on large, multi-million gate designs with an average runtime improvement of 50%
  • PowerPro Analyzer with new reporting capabilities including critical clock-domains attributes and detailed power and area information
  • PowerAdviser Flow enhancements allow the engineers to interactively optimize the enable expressions
  • PowerAdviser Flow provides designers with specific design changes that can be manually implemented in their RTL code to achieve the lowest power design possible

More information: Calypto Design Systems