Converter Simulation – Beyond the Evaluation Board Webinar

Analog Devices is offering a webinar, Converter Simulation – Beyond the Evaluation Board. The webcast will take place on January 19th at 12 pm EST. The online seminar will explain how A/D converter behavioral modeling tools can simulate system-level performance with greater levels of accuracy to reduce design risk. The webinar will be presented by Tom MacLeod, an applications and software engineer in ADI’s High-Speed Converter group and chief architect of Analog Devices’ ADIsimADC online behavioral modeling tool for high-speed A/D converters.

ADIsimADC Webcast Topics

  • What behavioral modeling is
  • What behavioral modeling is not
  • ADIsimADC high speed ADC behavioral modeling tool
  • How ADIsimADC models ADC
  • When and where ADIsimADC is useful
  • Using ADIsimADC to facilitate rapid product evaluation and system prototyping
  • The role ADIsimADC plays in a system’s design timeline
  • Accuracy of ADIsimADC
  • Where can ADIsimADC be used
  • The future roadmap for ADIsimADC and future related products
  • How ADC distortion affects system performance
  • Simulate system level performance with greater levels of accurately to build confidence and reduce risk

More information: Converter Simulation: Beyond the Eval Board