2011 Common Platform Technology Forum

The 2011 Common Platform Technology Forum will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on January 18th. The forum will present technical details of the 28nm HKMG design for low-power applications. The event will also include technology advancements in SoC enablement solutions, materials science, process technology and manufacturing. The Common Platform alliance was formed by IBM, Samsung Electronics and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. The alliance focuses on jointly developed digital CMOS process technologies and advanced manufacturing.

Common Platform Technology Forum Topics

  • Keynotes by Common Platform Alliance Partners (IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES)
  • Keynotes by Industry Leaders (ARM, Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm)
  • Successful Collaboration in a Global Engineering Environment
  • Advanced Innovations
  • 32/28nm Technology
  • Design and Enablement
  • 20nm Technology for Advanced Mobile Computing
  • 32nm LP High-K Metal Gate Manufacturability
  • IP Development from the Ground Up
  • Advanced Innovations Beyond 20nm — 3D Integration, Advanced Device Architectures
  • Collaborating on the 32/28nm “Gate First” HKMG Platform Solution
  • Low Power and High Performance Design Solutions at 32/28nm LP
  • Innovative Device Modeling for Design Optimization
  • 32/28nm High-K Metal Gate Technologies for the New Multimedia and High Performance Computing Applications
  • Collaborative Process-IP Co-Development at the Leading Edge
  • Mentor’s Solution for IC Implementation at 32/28nm
  • The Synopsys Production-Ready, Advanced 28nm Low- Power HKMG SoC Design Solution — Are You Ready for 28nm Design?
  • Enabling Fast Node Ramp by Optimizing for Both Rules and Tools

More information: Common Platform Technology Forum 2011