AgO AnXplorer 2010.12 Analog Design Optimization Tool

AgO introduced AnXplorer 2010.12. The latest release features new feasibility analysis capability for rapidly identifying a feasible region for circuit design variables. AnXplorer 2010.12 increases productivity for analog IC designers. AnXplorer is a circuit optimization tool for analog and RF design. It uses an optimization approach that is based on either simulation or equations. The tool works with SPICE netlists and supports industry standard simulators — including Synopsys HSPICE, Cadence Spectre, Mentor Eldo and Legend Design Technology MSIM. AnXplorer runs on the Linux operating system.

AgO AnXplorer analog design optimization tool

AgO AnXplorer 2010.12 Features

  • Feasibility analysis mode identifies regions of the design space where all circuit sizing rules are met
  • Quickly eliminates the parts of the design space that result in unstable circuits
  • Only DC operating point simulations are required
  • Global optimization runs more rapidly
  • Three optimization phases: feasibility analysis, global optimisation using a single process, voltage & temperature (PVT) corner and centering over all PVT corners
  • Modes can be either used in sequence or combined with manual tuning
  • Enhanced sizing rule evaluation and reporting
  • Sub-circuits are automatically identified, such as transistors in saturation, transistors in triode region, current mirrors, differential pairs, level shifters, Voltage references, current mirror loads and cascode current mirrors
  • Analysis ensures that all explicit and implicit device sizing rules are met
  • Improved technology parameter support
  • Enables the definition of different devices corresponding to multiple voltage regimes
  • Works with industry standard SPICE netlists and simulators
  • Designers can define an unsized circuit, with design variables, constraints and objectives
  • Generates an optimized, centered circuit that meets or exceeds the design objectives across all corners specified by the user
  • New multi-algorithmic optimization strategy aided by an expert system

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