Texas Instruments bqTESLA Qi Certified Wireless Power Development Kit

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the bqTESLA development kit. The Qi certified wireless power development kit helps design engineers quickly integrate wireless power technology in consumer electronics. The TI bqTELSA development kit features a single-channel transmitter, a direct-charge receiver and associated magnetics for applications requiring 5 watts of power or less. The bqTESLA development kit is available now for a promotional price of $250 during CES 2011. After CES, the TI kit will be priced at $499. Individual components of the kit are also available for purchase in production quantities.

Texas Instruments (TI) bqTESLA Qi certified wireless power development kit

TI bqTESLA Development Kit Features

  • bq500110 wireless power transmitter manager
  • bq25046 single-input, 5-V power supply IC
  • MSP430bq1010 wireless power control and communications
  • No additional software development required
  • Designed for compatibility with Qi standard
  • Enables designers to speed development of end applications
  • Ideal for digital cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, global positioning systems, and infrastructure applications such as furniture and cars

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