EB GUIDE 5.0 for HMI Development

Elektrobit (EB) rolled out version five of their EB GUIDE tool chain for HMI development. EB GUIDE Studio is an interactive tool for the development of HMI designs for infotainment systems, navigation applications and classical or freely-programmable instrument cluster. EB GUIDE supports developers from the model to production-ready code, permitting the development and testing of graphical interfaces on the desktop and on the target system. EB GUIDE GTF 5.0 is available for evaluation on the Freescale i.MX51.

EB GUIDE Studio 5.0 Features

  • WYSIWYG for HMI Development
    A new flexible renderer has been integrated into EB GUIDE GTF. The renderer generates all views and the results can be seen directly in EB GUIDE Studio. As the same widgets are used on both the target and in EB GUIDE Studio, developers get an identical view to that on the target platform. The extended import of 3D files, can now be used to load existing 3D objects and place them in the HMI model. Thanks to the new 2D and 3D rendering concept (based on OpenGL ES 2.0), EB GUIDE 5 fully utilizes the options of hardware graphics acceleration and provides the views immediately, with effects and animation.

  • Scripting Flexibility
    EB GUIDE 5.0 features an integrated scripting engine. Tasks which are difficult to model can be coded quickly and easily using the new GtfScript. For example, dragging and dropping entries from a list of radio stations into a favorites list can be implemented with a few lines of GtfScript.

  • Simplifies Deployment of Infotainment HMI Applications
    The new EB GUIDE architecture lets the target interpret the HMI model upon startup. As a result, the target system can be reconfigured later in the field. For OEMs and system suppliers, this provides new degrees of freedom in adapting to customer requests and also the option of extending the HMI later on. New content components along with their associated elements and events can be loaded into the system at a later date.

Webcast: Elektrobit (EB)