Lucid Virtu GPU Virtualization Software

LucidLogix recently introduced Virtu, which is a Lucid GPU virtualization software. Virtu is designed for Intel Sandy Bridge platforms. Lucid Virtu helps computers dynamically balance the power-efficient, built-in media features of Sandy Bridge processor graphics with the high-end, DirectX 11 3D performance features of discrete GPUs, while significantly reducing the power drain of traditional entertainment desktops. The beta version of Lucid will be available in January 2011. The demo version of Lucid GPU virtualization software is available now for evaluation.

LucidLogix Virtu Lucid GPU virtualization software

LucidLogix Virtu Features

  • Lucid GPU virtualization software
  • Designed for Intel Sandy Bridge platforms
  • Assign tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource based on power, performance and features considerations
  • No need for additional hardware
  • If high end graphics power is needed (DirectX 11, 3D gaming), the system will assign the job to the discrete GPU
  • If not, the discrete GPU automatically goes into idle mode, while heat drops, fan speed slows down and GPU utilization goes down to zero
  • Designed for entry-level through mainstream PCs equipped with second generation Intel’s Core i3/i5/i7 and NVIDIA or AMD 3D GPUs
  • Automatically adjusts the performance, thermal and feature allocation based on the requirements of individual applications
  • Requires display screen to connect directly to the motherboard’s Sandy Bridge display output (DVI, HDMI, etc)

Webcast: LucidLogix (Lucid Technologies)