Jasper Intelligent Proof Kits for Interconnect Protocols Verification

Jasper Design Automation announced Intelligent Proof Kits for accelerated certification of advanced SoC interconnect protocols. Jasper Intelligent Proof Kits ship unencrypted with original source code to facilitate user customization and insights into the protocols themselves. Jasper is initially releasing Intelligent Proof Kits for AMBA 3 and AMBA 4. DFI, DDR and LPDDR versions will roll out a little later.

Jasper Intelligent Proof Kits

  • Encapsulate critical behaviors for protocols such as ARM’s AMBA
  • Enables engineers to quickly configure designs to the standard or adapt them to a custom configuration
  • Optimized for high-level verification with Jasper’s ActiveDesign and JasperGold formal verification tools
  • Jasper Proof Kits are easily comprehensible by developers
  • Can be adapted for proprietary extensions to standard protocols
  • Designers can deploy Intelligent Proof Kits from early in the design cycle, all the way through verification
  • Automated features allow for rapid integration into designs
  • Engineers can visualize selected properties and analyze timing diagrams to understand property behavior
  • Users can cross-reference to the specifications through ActiveDesign
  • Design protocol properties can then be seamlessly proven in JasperGold formal verification

More information: Jasper Design Automation