eXludus AppProfiler for Application Profiling and Reporting

eXludus Technologies introduced AppProfiler, which is an application profiling and reporting solution that provides detailed analytics on system resources consumed by applications. As applications execute, AppProfiler records granular level information on resources requested and consumed at the job, process and thread level. This data is then recorded to a central database which users can query against. Data extracted from the database can also be helpful to developers, and to cluster/cloud workload management tools. AppProfiler software is available today. The starting price is $19,900.00 for a set of 100 licenses.

eXludus Technologies AppProfiler application profiling

eXludus AppProfiler Highlights

  • System/cluster managers can safely fit more applications per system, optimizing server utilization and power efficiency
  • Application developers get useful information that helps to produce more efficient code
  • Users get results sooner, and are no longer burdened with attempting to estimate the resources required to run an application
  • Organizations can reduce capital and operational spending as fewer systems can meet a given need, increasing bottom line profits

eXludus AppProfiler Analytics

  • Per job, process, and threads
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Memory usage
  • Memory profile
  • I/O stats, (bytes read/written)
  • Total processes and threads
  • Job runtime statistics

More information: eXludus Technologies