Magma Talus v1.2 SoC Implementation Solution

Magma Design Automation introduced version 1.2 of Talus integrated circuit (IC) implementation solution. Talus v1.2 helps engineers to implement 1 million to 1.5 million cells per day on large designs or blocks of 2 million to 5 million cells – with crosstalk avoidance, advanced on-chip variation (AOCV) and multi-mode multi-corner (MMMC) analysis enabled. Talus is currently in use for complex 28nm designs. Talus 1.2 features faster, more accurate routing, timing and extraction technologies and advanced capabilities. It improves turnaround time by 5x to 6x.

Magma Talus v1.2 Features

  • Talus MX Router offers enhanced global, track and detailed routing capabilities, convergent timing through the flow, and eliminates DRC violations
  • Talus MX Timer based on Magma’s next-generation sign-off timing analysis technology, enables faster more accurate timing analysis
  • Talus MX Extractor based on Magma’s latest high-speed, multi-corner extraction technology, provides faster, more accurate extraction
  • Performs concurrent MMMC on a single machine and can manage five times more scenarios than traditional solutions, while improving runtime by 10x
  • AOCV and MMMC analysis ensure tight timing correlation throughout the flow
  • Identifies and controls crosstalk throughout implementation
  • Shorter runtimes and more robust designs, without increasing area and leakage
  • Talus MX timing and extraction engines based on Tekton sign-off timer and QCP sign-off extractor

More information: Magma Design Automation