Magma Talus Vortex FX with Distributed Smart Sync Technology

Magma Design Automation introduced Talus Vortex FX, which features Distributed Smart Sync technology. The integrated circuit (IC) implementation solution fully utilizes distributed computing for place and route. Talus Vortex FX is ideal for all technologies and addresses multi-mode, multi-corner (MMMC) design, low-power design, on-chip variation (OCV), advanced on-chip variation (AOCV), and crosstalk effects. Talus Vortex FX enables designers to implement multimillion-cell designs flat with throughput of over 2 million cells per day.

Magma Design Automation Talus Vortex FX with Distributed Smart Sync technology

Magma Talus Vortex FX Features

  • Distributed Smart Sync technology intelligently manages the process of distribution and synchronization throughout each of the design steps in the Talus Vortex physical implementation flow
  • Intelligent memory usage allows Talus Vortex FX to run across standard server platforms, typically configured with four to eight processor cores and 64 GB of memory
  • Significantly improves engineering productivity, enabling a throughput of over 2 million cells per day
  • High capacity allows designers to handle larger blocks – up to 10 million cells
  • Performs rapid “what-if” analysis of placement, timing and area during early design stages to deliver better results
  • Fully distributed implementation solution executes across existing computing grids using standard distributed resource managers
  • Provides Talus Vortex users the flexibility to easily scale capacity and throughput for larger designs
  • A consistent use model with Talus Vortex and reference flows delivered through Talus Flow Manager (TFM) enables quick adoption
  • Up to three times faster than Magma’s new Talus 1.2
  • Able to leverage existing Talus 1.2 licenses that may be idle

More information: Magma Design Automation