QP Modeler Graphical UML Modeling Tool

QM (QP Modeler), from Quantum Leaps, is a free, graphical UML modeling tool for designing and implementing real-time embedded applications based on the QP state machine frameworks. QM provides graphical UML state machine diagram editor and generates production-quality, portable, and human-readable C or C++ code that is 100% traceable from the design. QM is designed to support fast development cycle and works with version control systems (VCS). The QM model itself is stored in XML, and is easy to maintain in a VCS.

Quantum Leaps QP Modeler Graphical UML Modeling Tool

QM UML Tool Overview

  • Graphical modeling tool based on the UML state machine subset
  • Automatic generation of production-quality C or C++ code
  • Automatic model verification during the code generation
  • Built-in support for QP/C, QP/C++, and QP-nano frameworks
  • 100% traceability from design to code
  • Ultimate flexibility in generated code design
  • Friendly to version control systems (VCS)
  • Intuitive diagramming environment for making clean, good-looking diagrams
  • Export of diagrams to EMF vector format for direct pasting into MS-Office and Open Office
  • Modern user interface with docking windows with the layout saved across sessions
  • State of the art editors for action code with syntax highlighting
  • Undo/redo of all model edits
  • Quick Clipboard-based navigation between the model and third-party tools
  • Support for user-generated model templates
  • Ready-made project examples and online tutorials
  • Completely free to download and free to use

More information: QM Graphical Modeling Tool