National Instruments Build a Better Prototype Webcast Series

National Instruments UK & Ireland is offering three interactive webcasts for engineers and scientists. The webinars will share tips for creating a prototype and present tools to save money and achieve a faster, high-quality product to market. The online seminars will take December 7-9th. Each webcast is be presented at 10am and 2pm with attendees having the opportunity to interact directly with the presenter and other attendees. The series will also be available for download on demand from mid December.

Build a Better Prototype
Creating a functional prototype helps to keep engineering projects on time and budget, by allowing engineers to test and iterate on hardware and software designs and reuse the best parts in the final product. A successful prototype also provides the opportunity to demonstrate ideas to investors, customers and management, as well as obtain feedback early in the process. Learn useful tips about how to create a prototype and explore the tools to use, to save money and achieve a faster, high-quality product to market.

Top 10 Clean Energy Business Opportunities – Design, Prototype and Deploy
Clean energy is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, creating abundant opportunities for entrepreneurial engineers to develop new products and services that help the industry by solving key technical challenges. Learn about 10 clean energy business opportunities that address important industry needs in the smart grid, solar, wind, biomass and energy storage markets. Gain useful tips for creating a prototype and an introduction to specific starter kits, reference designs and other tools to use to shorten time to market for high-quality products.

The Top Three Prototyping Challenges in Robotics
Robotics is one of the fastest-growing and most complex engineering fields. Almost every type of robot operates in a different environment and has a different behaviour or mission. Three of the biggest challenges that developers face when prototyping robots are integrating with sensors and actuators, implementing autonomy and deploying deterministic control algorithms to embedded hardware. Learn how the latest design tools from National Instruments can help engineers meet these challenges and shorten development time.

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