Virtual Conference: Robust Ecosystems Equals Embedded Success

STMicroelectronics and EE Times are hosting a virtual conference, Robust Ecosystem = Embedded Success. The online event will start at 10:15 am Central Time (11:15 am EST | 8:15 am PST) on Thursday, December 2nd. The webcast includes experts on microcontroller hardware, embedded tools, operating software, and applications development. The fully interactive event features online learning, live chat, active movement in and out of exhibit booths and sessions, vendor presentations, contests and prizes.

Robust Ecosystems = Embedded Success Sessions

  • 32-bit Microcontrollers: A Growth Engine
    32-bit microcontrollers are making all kinds of products smarter. They’re making a place for software inside everything from medical devices to the smart grid. In fact, we can’t meet our loftiest national goals, including reductions in energy consumption without embedding ever more processors and software inside our automobiles and homes. This dynamic may even be the leading economic driver pulling us out of recession. This session will explore the converging trends that are driving growth in embedded systems.

  • Challenges in High-Performance Embedded Designs
    Embedded applications are increasingly requiring higher performance MCUs to support the emergence of multimedia, high-speed connectivity and faster data-processing in embedded applications. This brings new challenges with multiple tasks required to be executed in parallel. This session will look at some high-performance embedded application examples and examine potential system bottlenecks. This session will also present methods for estimating real-world performance and examine how MCU core performance, memory organization, and innovative MCU architectures can all dramatically affect application performance.

  • Development Tools
    The role of powerful tools in successful development is beyond question. But the design team today must combine their freedom to select best-in-class tools with the reality of no time for learning curves and no money for repeated tool investments. Development tool experts will investigate how to manage this feat by exploiting the concept of the computing ecosystem.

  • RTOSs and Communications Stacks without Tears
    Increasingly, embedded designs are multitasking and connected. Implementing the blocks that provide these services should be the responsibility of the ecosystem, not a trial for the design team. Our guest experts from the software and systems domains will uncover best practices for selecting and integrating these major software functions without having to become an OS guru or protocol-processing expert.

  • Accurate Power Estimation in Low-Power Design
    There are many techniques for reducing power in embedded design, from low-power circuits to voltage scaling and partial sleep modes. But optimizing system energy efficiency requires accurate power estimates and clear understanding of operating modes. This session will look at hardware and software techniques to demonstrate these principles.

  • The Challenge of Applications
    A team drawn from the embedded development community will discuss the formidable challenges involved in pulling together a market-beating application from existing code and newly-designed modules. Today’s design teams must maintain agility and fast time-to-market, while increasing reuse and honing their testing methodology.

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