Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface

Kontron announced the Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface (Kontron EAPI), which is a cross-platform middleware. Thanks to Kontron EAPI, access and control of hardware resources for embedded applications has been standardized. Kontron EAPI is compliant to the PICMG’s EAPI but independent of form factors and operating systems and offers an extended feature set. The first products to feature the new Kontron EAPI are the Kontron embedded motherboard KTQ45, the Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-SP and Kontron’s MICROSPACE MPCX line of industrial PCs.

Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface (Kontron EAPI)

Kontron EAPI Highlights

  • Cross-platform middleware that is independent from form factor or OS
  • Library of API functions provides information from all new Kontron embedded computing platforms
  • Enables remote monitoring and control functionalities — resulting in improved service, easier maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership
  • Identical set of function calls for dedicated tasks
  • Software interfaces to the hardware can be easily linked to any higher programming language like C++ or Java
  • Compliant to the PICMG’s EAPI as defined in the latest COM Express specification, COM.0 Rev. 2
  • Includes additional function calls such as basic system information (e.g. CPU, memory, HDD, battery), temperature and voltage monitoring, CPU performance and thermal control
  • Supports AdvancedTCA to VPX form factors
  • All functions can be called remotely via internet
  • Independently standardized programming interface combined

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