Texas Instruments IQmath Library for Microcontrollers

The IQmath Library for microcontrollers, from Texas Instruments (TI), now supports both the 32-bit C2000 and Stellaris MCU platforms. The TI IQmath Library is an optimized collection of high-precision mathematical functions. The library enables programmers to seamlessly port floating-point algorithms into fixed-point code. Developers can use the software to achieve execution speeds considerably faster than equivalent code written in standard ANSI C language. The IQmath Library speeds development and addresses the limitations of fixed-point math by eliminating time-consuming scaling and saturation burdens. IQmath software is free and available for download through StellarisWare software or C2000 controlSUITE software.

Texas Instruments (TI) IQmath Library for microcontrollers

TI IQmath Library Highlights

  • Supports 32-bit C2000 and Stellaris microcontrollers
  • Simplified porting from floating-point simulations/algorithms to a fixed-point MCU
  • Math library for fixed-point processors speeds computation of floating-point values (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, sqrt, fractional mpy, dv)
  • 45+ functions organized in easy-to-access categories, including format conversion utilities, arithmetic functions, trigonometric functions and mathematical functions
  • Adjustable resolution and dynamic range allows optimization based on application requirements (define GLOBAL_Q 18)
  • Seamless code portability for scaling between fixed- and floating-point MCU devices
  • Conversions from floating to fixed point are completed at the compile stage, so CPU cycles are not used
  • Speed up processing for motor control, servo control, audio / image encoding & decoding, fixed-point Q math, and graphical rotation

More information: Texas Instruments