ISMI Total Equivalent Energy Calculator II

International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) announced the Total Equivalent Energy Calculator II (TEECalc II). The web-based software tracks and evaluates the energy performance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in order to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. TEECalc II helps IC and equipment manufacturers identify areas to make critical energy performance improvements to their process equipment and facilities. TEECalc II capabilities have been expanded and improved from TEECalc I. The TEECalc II is available now.

International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) Total Equivalent Energy Calculator II (TEECalc II)

ISMI developed the S23 Total Equivalent Energy TEE Calculator II to provide a consistent method to convert a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing equipment utility consumption rates into equivalent annual energy usage. The data gathered and calculations made are based on the SEMI S23 Energy Efficiency and Road-mapping Guidelines, and can be used to report and analyze process equipment energy and utility use at multiple levels. IC manufacturers can use this information to identify areas to make improvements to existing tools and processes in order to conserve energy, resources and materials. Equipment manufacturers benefit by having actual customer utility usage data to aid in the design and component selection decisions.

The calculator is a custom web application that identifies the total equipment energy performance for a tool based on the utility consumption rates for the tool’s components or subsystems (such as a vacuum pump, power supply, or chamber and its associated support) multiplied by energy conversion factors (or ECFs) defined by S23. The components or subsystems can be combined into multiple tool profiles, eliminating the need to build a new profile for each tool from scratch. User data sets are securely stored and encrypted on a remote server securely connected through an https secure socket. Results can be saved locally as a PDF file or can be exported to an Excel worksheet.

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