Webinar: Embedded Systems Designers Need to Take Notice

Frost & Sullivan is hosting a webinar, Embedded Systems Designers Need to Take Notice. The online briefing will discuss the developments with high speed serial interfaces. The webcast will take place Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010 at 3 p.m. EDT. The online seminar is free and be presented by Dennis Murphy (CEO of Absolute Analysis) and Jessy Cavazos (Industry Director for Frost & Sullivan’s Measurement & Instrumentation Group).

The Frost & Sullivan briefing will present the challenges faced by embedded system designers and the solutions currently available in the industry. In addition, the webinar will cover future and potential solutions that will enable the embedded systems community to overcome technical problems and also expand their repertoire into new and more advanced arenas. The webcast will be ideal for embedded system developers, test equipment vendors and semiconductor manufacturers.

To register for the event, email sarah.saatzer@frost.com:

  • Your full name
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  • Company city, state and country

You can also receive a recorded version of the briefing anytime by submitting the above contact details.

More information: Frost & Sullivan