XMOS and Attero Tech Ethernet AVB End-Point Reference Design

XMOS and Attero Tech introduced a reference design for audio/visual bridging (AVB) applications. The reference design features the XCore XS1-L2 dual-core processor. XCore processors enables engineers to implement the AVB standard entirely in software, which reduces development times and decreases risk for A/V designs. XCore processors also reduce the cost for AVB endpoints by more than 50% compared to other solutions (such as FPGA implementations). The reference design will be generally available from both XMOS and Attero Tech in December.

XMOS and Attero Tech audio/visual bridging (AVB) Audio Endpoint Reference Design

AVB Audio Endpoint Kit Features

  • XCore XS1-L2 dual-core processor
  • Low cost Ethernet AVB endpoint solution
  • Supports fast turnaround to commercial product
  • Complete Ethernet AVB protocol support
  • Ongoing interoperability testing in AVnu plugfests
  • AVB Standards support 802.1as, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qat, IEEE P1722, IEC61883-6, IEEE 1722.MAAP
  • Stereo analog audio in/out via 3.5mm jack or RCA sockets
  • Up to 8 channels via I2S headers
  • Simple sample rate conversion to local clock or high quality clock recovery with PLL
  • GP-IO for buttons/LEDs
  • Expansion header with 12 spare I/O available

More information: Attero Tech | XMOS