Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 9 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

Mentor Graphics introduced version nine of their FloTHERM 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for electronics cooling applications. FloTHERM v.9 features Bottleneck (Bn) and Shortcut (Sc) fields that help engineers identify where heat flow congestion occurs in the electronic design and why. It also identifies thermal shortcuts to quickly and efficiently resolve the design problem. Bn and the Sc fields elevate the use of simulation from an observation tool to a thermal design problem-solving tool. The FloTHERM v.9 product is available now.

Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software

Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 9 Higlights

  • Bottleneck (Bn) field shows where in a design the heat path is being congested as it attempts to flow from high junction temperature points to ambient
  • Shortcut (Sc) field highlights possible solutions where the addition of a simple element to the design will provide a new effective heat flow path to further cool the system
  • Faster and more efficient resolution of heat management problems
  • Reduces thermal verification by 33%
  • Reduces PCB design re-spins by 500%
  • XML model and geometry data importing enable FloTHERM integration into existing data flows
  • Direct interface to the Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB design platform for importing native Expedition PCB data, and deleting or editing additional objects (heatsinks, thermal vias, board cutouts, EM cans)
  • Enables engineers to implement virtual prototypes using CFD techniques to simulate airflow, temperature and heat transfer in electronic systems
  • Helps engineers evaluate and test designs automatically before physical prototypes are built

More information: Mentor Graphics