COM Express Day

COM Express Day is a free event taking place November 9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. COM Express Day offers design engineers, engineering managers, product planners, test engineers, and systems engineers a chance to learn about COM Express technology. The event will include an introduction, design and application talks, and panels about the new 2.0 specification and the future of COM Express. Table exhibits will give attendees access to the latest products, accessories and hardware, design services, and design tips.

COM Express Day Program

  • COM Express 2.0 Update
    Jeff Munch, ADLINK Technology
    The session will provide an overview of the recently released PICMG COM.0 Revision 2 specification. Changes from revision 1 to revision 2 will be detailed. These include provisions to support new display interfaces such as Display Port and DVI, SPI based carrier devices, PCI Express Gen 2 signaling, and a new smaller size module. The new interfaces will be discussed as well as work done to provide backwards compatibility between the new features and existing carriers.

  • Selecting Vendors Who Can Do the Job for You
    Ron Mazza, congatec
    Since COM Express designs typically take one or two years from start to production, shouldn’t you take the time to carefully evaluate your potential suppliers’ capabilities upfront? This session will cover key questions to ask and things to look for plus an update on new tools to support design engineers, including improved BIOS and drivers. Attendees will learn how to select hardware and software vendors who can support the entire process of product development. They will also learn how to avoid vendor issues that can bog down the cycle and slow time-to-market at critical points.

  • Example COM Express Systems
    Paul Virgo, Emerson Network Power – Embedded Computing

  • Developing Machine-to-Machine (M-to-M) Applications with COM Express
    Kevin Bross, Intel

  • Low Power Design with COM Express
    Jack London, Kontron

  • Rugged COM Express
    Wayne McGee, GE Intelligent Platforms

  • Panel on COM Express Today
    Chairperson: Bob Pebly, RadiSys
    Panelists: Jeff Munch (ADLINK Technology), Paul Virgo (Emerson Network Power – Embedded Computing), Kevin Bross (Intel), Alex Lin (Product Manager, Advantech)

  • Panel on Future of COM Express
    Chairperson: Paul Rosenfeld, Small Form Factor SIG
    Panelists: Ron Mazza (congatec), Wayne McGee (GE Intelligent Platforms), Jack London (Kontron), Glenn Beck (Freescale)

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