VPX Day Conference

VPX Day will take place on November 9, 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The free conference offers design engineers, engineering managers, product planners, test engineers, and embedded systems engineers a chance to learn about VPX and OpenVPX. VPX Day includes an introduction, design and application talks, and panels about the Open VPX specification and the future of VPX. Table exhibits feature the latest products, accessories and hardware, design services, and design tips.

The VPX modular open specification is ideal for applications that must operate in difficult environments, enduring extremes in temperature, pressure, vibration, and shock.

VPX Day Topics

  • Multi-Plane Architecture Advantages of OpenVPX
  • Mil Aero Applications and Interoperability
  • Panel on VPX/OpenVPX Today
  • Designing Systems with OpenVPX
  • Achieving SWaP (Size, Wieght, and Power)
  • Panel on Future of VPX/OpenVPX

VPX is ideal for:

  • rugged embedded systems
  • mil/aero
  • networking
  • test equipment
  • energy
  • communications
  • process and industrial control
  • vehicles and robotics
  • instrumentation

More information: VPX Day Registration