RT-LAB 10.1 Improves Real-Time Simulation

Opal-RT Technologies introduced RT-LAB 10.1. RT-LAB is the core technology behind Opal-RT’s Real-Time Simulator products (such as eDRIVEsim, eMEGAsim, eFLYsim and the TestDrive ECU Tester). All Opal-RT Real Time Simulators, including eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim, are now shipping with RT-LAB 10.1. Both ARTEMiS and RT-Events are available as eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim options. Existing eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim users with a valid RT-LAB software maintenance agreement can upgrade to the new versions of RT-LAB, ARTEMIS, and RT-Events for no charge.

RT-LAB 10.1 Features

  • A new Eclipse-based Graphical User Interface
  • A new Project Explorer that enables the user to simultaneously work with multiple models within a single iteration of RT-LAB
  • Integrated Help and Tutorials that get new RT-LAB users up and running quicker and easier
  • Support for the popular Red Hat LINUX real-time operating system
  • Intel Compiler for RedHat, which add 30% performance gain
  • Support for the new INTEL i7 CPU, with two 6-core CPUs on the same motherboard
  • Support for MATLAB 2009B
  • Support for OP5142 Reconfigurable FPGA-based I/O Controller, powered by the Xilinx SPARTAN-3 FPGA processor
  • Support for RT-LAB FPGA Development System for the Xilinx Virtex-5 ML506 FPGA Evaluation and Development Platform
  • Support for RT-XSG 2.0 toolbox which enables engineers to generate custom, application specific models that can be implemented onto FPGA devices including the Support for OP5142 Spartan 3 FPGA boards and the ML506 Virtex 5 board

More information: Opal-RT Technologies