Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4 Virtual Machine Solution

Atego recently launched Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4. The latest version of the development tool supports concurrent multi-processor Garbage Collection (GC) technology atop ARM multi-core processors. Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4 supports multi-core ARM processors such as those based on the ARM Cortex A9 processor. Initial testing of this port was done using a four core ARM processor running Linux. Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4 for Linux/ARM target support is available now from Atego.

Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4 Highlights

  • Concurrent multi-processor Garbage Collection (GC)
  • Multi-core ARM processors
  • Supports AWT/Swing libraries for embedded platforms
  • Availability of hundreds of downloadable community projects

AWT (Abstract Window ToolKit) is a portable GUI library for stand-alone applications and/or applets and provides the connection between a Java application and the native GUI. Swing implements a set of GUI components that build on AWT technology and provide a pluggable look and feel. Swing is implemented entirely in the Java programming language, and is based on Lightweight UI Framework. Support of these graphics libraries enables faster development and provides the foundation for more extensive use of graphics in embedded and real-time Java systems.

More information: Atego