X-FAB Sense, Process, Actuate Technical Seminar

X-FAB Silicon Foundries is offering a free technical seminar: Sense, Process, Actuate. The lunch and learn event will take place on October 12th (Irvine, CA) and 14th (Santa Clara, CA) from 10 am to 2 pm PST. The four-hour seminar is ideal for engineers seeking support for the design and manufacture of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for CMOS / MEMS integration, analog mixed-signal and power management applications.

X-FAB Lunch and Learn Technical Seminar Presentations

  • Manufacturing MEMS for the Sensing Revolution
    MEMS sensors increasingly are being used in electronic applications to sense the world around us, and more uses are being discovered every day. For example, accelerometers and gyroscopes sense movement for games, phones and automobiles. Pressure sensors help monitor tires, motor engines, blood and the weather. This overview presentation reviews X-FAB’s MEMS foundry services including processing capabilities for its own technologies and for customer-specific devices. It discusses how X-FAB manufactures MEMS using bulk and surface micro-machining – including CMOS integration – and the next step X-FAB has taken toward 200mm wafer processing.

  • Signal Conditioning Technologies for Sensing Applications
    The increased number of sensors in applications today heightens the necessity for signal-conditioning technologies to handle sensor output signals such as AC or DC voltage or current, electric charge and frequency information. Such signal conditioning can include amplification, filtering, converting, range matching, isolation and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for processing after conditioning, such as AD conversion. This presentation covers a broad range of signal conditioning process technology requirements including low noise or matching behavior as well as OTP and trimming solutions. It also discusses integrated Hall sensors solutions.

  • Integrated Solutions for Actuators and Power Management
    Increased usage of sensor applications goes hand-in-hand with the usage of integrated actuators. Such actuators could be integrated micro-mirrors, micro-fluidic devices or piezoelectric actuators. But even if the actuators are located externally the power drivers should be integrated. For efficient power management solutions, in combination with sensor interface tasks, a dedicated set of integrated active and passive devices is mandatory. This presentation explains the demands of integrated power management applications. It demonstrates that X-FAB newest processes are focused on such applications especially for voltage ranges up to 100V. Finally it discusses with an example the claimed capabilities.

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