White Paper: World’s Smallest OSGi Solution

ProSyst recently ported their OSGi solution (ProSyst mBS) to an embedded low power hardware with an ARM9 CPU at 156 MHz and 8 MB RAM and flash memory. ProSyst mBS, is fully compliant and certified for OSGi revision 4.2. The OSGi framework provides sufficient resources for applications and services. It meets all non-functional requirements of a mass-market automotive telematics system. The OSGi framework also qualifies for optimal use in many other embedded markets, such as the home automation space. ProSyst published a white paper titled, The World’s Smallest OSGi Solution that their describes their automotive project.

The results described in the technical paper were achieved in a real world automotive project. Innovation cycles of next generation Car2X services (e.g. eCall, Remote Control, Car2Car messaging, diagnostics, etc.) are shorter than product lifecycles, fostering the challenge rapid development and in-life deployment of new services. OSGi was introduced as a manageable service runtime environment capable of hosting multiple services concurrently while decoupling the software layer from the underlying hardware.

The white paper demonstrates that, if done right, OSGi can be applied on much smaller systems than commonly assumed. It provides a detailed solution
overview, outlines the most important non-functional measurements like startup time and memory consumption, discusses how these achievements impact the scope of OSGi applications and closes with an outlook about where embedded OSGi is heading to.

More information: The World’s Smallest OSGi Solution Technical Paper (pdf)