Si2 OpenAccess+ Conference Registration

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) will hold their annual OpenAccess+ Conference on October 20, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA. The Si2 OpenAccess+ Conference will cover the inter-related areas of OpenAccess, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Low Power design and the newest Coalition for Open PDKs. The event will include a DFM session on the OpenDFM meta language standard, which describes DRC and DFM checks in a tool-agnostic fashion. The conference will provide updates on the industry adoption of OpenAccess and plans for the future for all coalitions.

15th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference Sessions

  • 2010 OpenAccess Roadmap and 32nm Constraints: Michaela Guiney, Cadence
  • Multi-threading in OpenAccess: Alex Wong, Cadence
  • User Perspectives: Martin Foltin, HP
  • OpenDFM 1.0 Verification and Adoption: Mark Mason, TI
  • OpenDFM Parser and Plug-In Architecture: TBD
  • Targeting Principles at 22nm and Below: Jake Buurma, Si2 and Bob Sayah, IBM
  • Power Modeling: David Hathaway, IBM
  • A CPF-enabled Mali400 MP dual pixel processor iRM: Rahoul Varma, ARM and Wei-Li Tan, Cadence
  • A Strategy of Power-Intent Based Design Flow in Renesas Electronics: Koji Hirakimoto, Renesas
  • OPDK Coalition status: Matt Graf, IBM
  • eDRM WG status: Gilles Lamant, Cadence
  • SCC WG status: Ravi Rao, Synopsys
  • Scrripting Language Architecture: Stefan Zager, AMD
  • Scripting Language Interfaces: James Masters, Intel
  • Tips and Pitfalls: Maximizing Custom Design Tool Interoperability and Choice Through OpenAccess: Neil Simister, Pulsic

The cost is $50 for Si2 members and $65 for non-members.

More information: Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference Registration