Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v4 CAD Software for PCB Designers

Sunstone Circuits announced version four of their PCB123 CAD software for PCB designers. With Sunstone PCB123 v4, engineers design with full knowledge of the budgetary and scheduling impacts of their design decisions, as well as the hard engineering information. The free-to-use, no license required design tool increases flexibility in schematic and layout editing. Many of the parts research elements that design engineers use in the Digi-Key website are also available to them inside the PCB123 tool.

Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v4 CAD software for PCB designers

Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v4 Features

  • 500,000 new parts
  • Improved search functionality with complete access to parts libraries (Powered by Accelerated Design)
  • Data sheet availability — research in real-time (parts availability from Digi-Key)
  • Automated BOM (Bill of Materials) for ease in purchasing and assembly
  • Gain efficiency by importing DXF files from mechanical CAD tools, removing tedious pain-points that slow down the design process
  • Sunstone’s DRC/DFM rules are integrated into the software to deliver more effective feedback and fewer design spins
  • Provides view into the supply chain

More information: Sunstone Circuits