30-day Free Trial of Kozio kDiagnostics Suite for BeagleBoard

Kozio is offering a 30-day free trial of their kDiagnostics Suite for the BeagleBoard development platform. The BeagleBoard processor boots directly from a Secure Digital (SD) card containing kDiagnostics. Kozio’s kDiagnostics 30-day free trial for the BeagleBoard can be downloaded now. A 30-day trial for the BeagleBoard-xM will be available in October 2010.

Kozio kDiagnostics Suite for the BeagleBoard development platform

With kDiagnostics for the BeagleBoard, engineers can explore and understand the BeagleBoard, verify proper performance, and have full access and control of both low-level hardware and high-level functionality in real-time. kDiagnostics initializes devices, configures memory, isolates and easily reproduces faults within minutes, and provides other features beyond the boundaries of traditional verification or validation approaches.

Developers can browse and run Kozio’s library of tests with a click of the mouse. Devices can be programmed easily and quickly, including NOR and NAND flash memories, and SD cards. Designers can read and write memory, peek and poke hardware registers, control GPIO lines, access I2C devices, and configure power resources. Custom commands can be scripted using any text editor. These scripts can perform complex flow control, such as looping and conditional branching using the programming constructs available through the Kozio scripting language.

More information: BeagleBoard kDiagnostics Installation Guide (pdf)