COM Express for Harsh Environments White Paper

GE Intelligent Platforms recently published a white paper titled, COM Express for Harsh Environments. The white paper describes how design innovation of COM technology can expand its reach beyond low-stress environments and into more rugged conditions. The GE COM Express white paper discusses key considerations in selecting a COM Express module specifically designed for harsh environments to meet rugged application needs.

Computer-on-Module (COM) applications typically operate in areas where environmental stress levels are low. However, as COM technology has gained traction, it has been embraced by system designers for deployment in environments with temperature extremes, shock, and vibration. To withstand these harsh environmental forces, special care must be taken during the initial design concept, testing phase, and qualification process to achieve targeted levels. Numerous factors, including component selection and coating, play a vital role in positively influencing the operational capabilities of the module.

More information: COM Express for Harsh Environments (GFT-788)