Sage SmartProbe for AMD Embedded Solutions

The Sage SmartProbe, from Sage Electronic Engineering, provides software engineers a hardware interface to evaluate the system under development at every stage in the design cycle. The tool enables graphic visualization of the entire embedded system operation, including code flow, register access, memory movement, multi-core execution, and peripheral access. SmartProbe can also help speed the qualification process for test and production teams. SmartProbe was designed by Sage Electronic Engineering for AMD Embedded Solutions.

Sage Electronic Engineering SmartProbe for AMD Embedded Solutions

Sage SmartProbe Features

  • Support for all current AMD processors
    • Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, ASB1, ASB2, C32, F (1207), Fr5 (1207), Fr6 (1207), G34, S1g1, S1g2 and beyond
  • USB and Ethernet Host Interface
  • GDB Remote Serial Protocol Interface
  • Low-cost/Easy-to-Use Target Connection
  • Bare-Metal Bring-up
    • Complete System Control from Reset Vector
    • Direct program download to Flash or RAM
  • Target Adaptive Clock Rate and Voltage
    • Up to 40MHz JTAG Clock
    • 3.3V to 1.5V JTAG Voltage
  • Field Upgradable
  • Concurrent Multi-core Debugging
    • Automatic JTAG Chain Detection
    • Up to 8 Processor Sockets (nodes)
    • Up to 256 Simultaneous Cores
  • Legacy x86 Debug Support
    • Port 80h/84h Capture
    • UART Terminal Redirection

More information: AMD Embedded | Sage Electronic Engineering