DiSTI GL Studio 4.2 Software Toolkit

DiSTI rolled out version 4.2 of their GL Studio software toolkit. The new features in GL Studio 4.2 simplify user interface development, speed up project deliveries, and improve interface performance. GL Studio 4.2 offers efficient editor improvements and dynamic rendering capabilities. GL Studio enables developers to build high-fidelity graphics and fully interactive controls into software products. With GL Studio, programmers can create reusable 2D or 3D graphical user interfaces for operating, maintaining, or replicating complex systems.

GL Studio 4.2 Highlights

  • Support for Python Scripting
    Developers can now use Python scripts to create and modify GL Studio content from within the editor to simplify the interface development process. The scripting capability also enables the automation of repetitive tasks to reduce the overall time required to create complex interfaces.

  • Photoshop Document Importer
    The Photoshop Document Importer simplifies 2D panel development by automatically creating user interface elements within GL Studio from those layers and objects specified in Photoshop. The GL Studio 4.2 update provides strategic process and documentation improvements to the importer, increasing usability and broadening the solution set.
  • Expanded Compiler Support
    GL Studio 4.2 expands compiler support to include the 64-bit version of Visual Studio 2008 and the 32 and 64-bit version of Visual Studio 2010. In addition, Linux support receives an upgrade; Linux GCC 4.0.0 64-bit support is added and Linux GCC 4.2.0 and 4.4.0 are now supported, at both the 32 and 64-bit level.

More information: The DiSTI Corporation