Gates-on-the-Fly Fixes Logic Equivalence Check Failures White Paper

SynaptiCAD recently published a white paper that describes how their updated Gates-on-the-Fly (GOF) was used to find and fix failures identified by Cadence’s Conformal tool. SynaptiCAD’s Verilog netlist editor was updated to support easy correction of logic equivalence failures introduced during modifications to post-synthesis netlists, using equivalence check reports from either Cadence’s Conformal LEC or Synopsys’s Formality. Gates-on-the-Fly graphically analyzes and edits large Verilog netlists that have been generated from a synthesis or layout tool.

The whitepaper shows how to use GOF to track down Logic Equivalence Check (LEC) failures identified by Cadence’s Conformal LEC tool. The design example discussed in the Gates-on-the-Fly white paper is from a debugging session by a GOF customer.

Logical Equivalence Checking software like Cadence’s Conformal and Synopsys’ Formality create detailed reports of differences and errors, but it is often difficult to find, view, and fix the logic cones involved with the errors. SynaptiCAD’s Gates-on-the-Fly (GOF) can be used to easily find and view these specific logic cones on a schematic so that you can visualize just the paths you need to see without unnecessary clutter. GOF also simplifies mapping from RTL level constructs to their gate-level equivalents, so that you can pinpoint the locations where changes need to be made. And GOF’s ECO mode supports both graphical and script-based editing features for tracking ECO changes. Metal-only ECO operations are also supported with an automatic spare gates flow.

More information: Gates-on-the-Fly Fixes Logic Equivalence Check Failures (pdf)