Power Architecture Design Sessions at Linley Tech Processor Conference

Power.org will offer seven sessions at Power Architecture. The sessions will feature insights and practical design tips for engineers working with Power Architecture technology. The Linley Tech Processor Conference will take place September 27 – 28th at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose. The event is sponsored by AppliedMicro (Premier Sponsor), Freescale and LSI, (Platinum Sponsors), and Power.org (Gold Sponsor).

Power Architecture Sessions

  • High-Performance Multicore Processors
    • The IBM Power Edge of Network Processor: A Wire-Speed System-on-a-Chip with 16 Power Cores / 64 Threads and Optimized Acceleration, IBM
    • Deterministic Multicore Is No Longer an Oxymoron: New Architecture for Communications and Enterprise Applications, LSI
    • A Next-Generation Multicore SoC, AppliedMicro
  • Session: Software
    • Software Scalability for Embedded Systems: Finding New Ways to Create Software That Scales From One Core to Many Cores, Freescale
  • Security Processing
    • If You Can’t Trust Your Embedded Processor, Who Can You Trust?: How Advanced Embedded Technologies Can Help Optimize Platform Security, Freescale
    • Why Next Gen Intelligent and Secure Networks will Require A New Breed Of Hardware Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Processors, LSI
  • High-Speed Embedded Processors
    • Managing System Power Using SoCs, AppliedMicro

More information: Linley Tech Processor Conference | Power.org