Avnet Power Forum – Its Virtual

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas (EMA) announced their Power Forum. The virtual conference offers practical, how-to training on power electronics design for engineers. The online event will take place September 22-23, 2010 from 11 am to 5 pm (EDT). Power Forum consists of the virtual Training Center and Application Center. The Training Center features over 30 on-demand presentations and videos focusing on power design techniques and solutions. The Application Center contains a large selection of selector guides, datasheets, whitepapers, and videos in the areas of renewable, portable devices, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and industrial, communications and computing power.

Avnet Power Forum Topics

  • Integrated Devices for Crossing the Isolation Barrier in SMPS
  • Powering RF, FPGA and High-Power PoL Applications
  • Protecting Sensitive Systems from Damage Using an E-Fuse
  • The Power Toolbox – Selecting the Optimal Point-of-Load Solution
  • Practical Analysis of Buck Switch-mode Power Supplies
  • Harvesting the Energy of the Sun — Using Photovoltaics as a Power Source
  • Common Computing Server Redundant Power Architecture
  • How to Design and Select Proper Output Capacitors for Fast di/dt Step Load
  • Interconnecting Digitally Controlled Power Modules to Reality
  • Portable Medical Applications
  • Challenges in Designing Li-Ion and Polymer Battery Packs
  • Expert MOSFET Selection
  • Use a Dual Buck in Three Different Applications – ISL85033
  • Bringing the Power – ITT’s PowerLock Box supports Indoor and Outdoor Power Requirements
  • Extreme Low Power Design Planning
  • Using Intelligent Power Conversion to Enable a Greener World
  • Power Connector Design Considerations
  • Design Considerations for Point-of-Load (POL) Power Modules
  • Dynamic Headroom Control for High-Power White LED Applications
  • PCB Thermal Design for Power Devices
  • Power Design Made Easy for Digital Systems
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Selection for Powering LED Lighting
  • Digital Isolation Solutions are Optimized to Meet Stringent “Green” Power Budgets
  • Distributed Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Buck-Boost Converter Applications Featuring the TPS63000 Family from Texas Instruments
  • TI LED Lighting Power Solutions Overview
  • Total Power Solutions for Embedded Computing Platforms
  • Hybrid Circuit Protection Devices for Power Ports
  • Power Interconnect Solutions – Increasing Heat Dissipation and Long-Term Reliability
  • Corcom Filters – Regulations, Safety Agencies, and the Importance of EMI/RFI

More information: Avnet Power Forum