Energy Micro energyAware Designer Software Tool

Energy Micro announced energyAware Designer. The free software tool helps engineers with the time-consuming problem of debugging I/O pin conflicts. energyAware Designer ensures correct pin configuration and automatically generates set-up code and documentation. EnergyAware Designer simplifies MCU configuration and documentation, and lets engineers concentrate on developing the application.

Energy Micro energyAware Designer software tool

After the designer selects a microcontoller (MCU), EnergyAware Designer presents the default device configuration. Clicking on a peripheral function enables it and highlights respective pins in green on an intuitive pin-out diagram. Pin-conflicts induced by selecting another peripheral, that by default is routed to the same pins, are highlighted in red. These are simply resolved by choosing an alternative peripheral location, automatically suggested by EnergyAware Designer. Configuration of GPIO resources and clocks are handled in a similar way.

Engineers can also use the energyAware Designer tool to generate the corresponding C-code file, which can then be cut-and-paste directly into the application code. At the same time, detailed PDF documentation can be exported, reporting the final device pin-out map in diagrammatic and a choice of tabulated formats.

EnergyAware Designer supports the entire Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko low power microcontoller family. Based on the ARM Cortex M3 core, the EFM32 Gecko microcontroller family consumes a quarter of the energy required by other 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontroller solutions.

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