AWR Visual System Simulator 2010

AWR launched 2010 Visual System Simulator (VSS) software. VSS 2010 increases productivity for RF system designers. The tool features time delay neural network (TDNN) advanced amplifier behavioral models for capturing memory effects and measurement data interchange format (MDIF) model support. AWR VSS 2010 also includes a new phased array element for radar design engineers. In addition, enhancements have been made to the VSS RFA architect tool plus new communication models and signal processing blocks have been added.

AWR VSS 2010 Highlights

  • TDNN ( time delay neural network) based models:
    • New circuit-based nonlinear behavioral model for VSS that can capture memory effects in power amplifiers
  • Turbo decoders:
    • Support for turbo codes used in 3G/4G standards

      • cdma2000, IS856, WiMAX, and LTE
    • Library/components that can be used for decoding of custom turbo codes
  • Third party integrations:
    • R&S WinIQSIM2 waveform generation software integration

      • Support for all standards and variants within VSS, including export to R&S K96 for OFDM standards analysis
    • MATLAB co-simulation

More information: AWR