2010 Renesas DevCon Developers Conference

Renesas Electronics’ 2010 Developers’ Conference (DevCon) will take place October 11-14 in Orange County, California. The embedded systems technology event features hands-on labs, lectures, panel discussions, and product demonstrations. James B. Meigs, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics, will be a guest speaker at the four-day DevCon. Meigs’s presentation, The Coming Age of Ubiquitous Information, is about how emerging technologies will continue to change daily life — from crash-proof cars to a crash-proof smart power grid.

Renesas DevCon includes 120 embedded systems sessions, such as automotive, motor control, human machine interface (HMI), computer architectures, operating systems, connectivity, security and emerging display technologies. The technical sessions will provide system designers with practical information for implementation in their real-world engineering projects. The Renesas Electronics DevCon also offers an education and networking forum for designers working with embedded systems.

Renesas DevCon 2010 Sessions

  • Automotive
  • Computing Architectures
  • Connectivity
  • Development Tools
  • Display Technology
  • MCU Human Machine Interface
  • Motor Control Applications
  • MPU Human Machine Interface
  • Operating Systems
  • Power MOSFET Security
  • System Design Technologies
  • Meet the Experts

More information: Renesas DevCon (pdf)