Agilent IC-CAP WaferPro for Device Modeling

Agilent Technologies introduced IC-CAP WaferPro (Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program Wafer Professional) software. WaferPro is a multi-site, multi-wafer, automated DC and RF measurement solution for semiconductor device modeling applications. IC-CAP WaferPro enables engineers to control semiautomatic and fully automatic probe stations. Agilent WaferPro automates spot and swept measurements across a range of temperatures. WaferPro is distributed with the Agilent IC-CAP 2010.08 software.

Agilent Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program Wafer Professional ~ IC-CAP WaferPro

Agilent IC-CAP WaferPro Features

  • Fully automated single and multi-wafer measurements across temperature
  • Drivers for most common probers, switch matrixes, and thermal controlled chucks included
  • Full wafer map support
  • Fast — supports measurements with 407X and 408X Agilent Parametric Test systems
  • Includes many pre-defined example test plans to facilitate easy and efficient start-up
  • No operator supervision required, wafer realignment at temperature change is automatic
  • View real-time results, status, data and plots without interrupting test
  • Monitor location, status, results and data during execution; receive updates via email
  • Graceful exception handling per user-defined Pass/Fail criteria
  • Advanced architecture enables efficient organization of data and fast data analysis and processing
  • Test plans run seamlessly on different test stations with different hardware
  • Supports broad range of DC/CV and RF measurements
  • Support for measuring any n-terminal device (MOS, DIODE, passives, etc.)
  • Save to multiple file formats (.mdm and .csv)
  • Features a Test Mode (run simulations rather than measurements) and a Post Process Mode for test and development flexibility
  • Features a powerful Debug mode to further support ease of customization and testing

More information: Agilent Technologies