Integrating Bluetooth Capability into Your Design White Paper

Jungo published a new white paper this week. It’s titled, “Integrating Bluetooth Capability into Your Design.” The technical paper examines the increasingly ubiquitous role of bluetooth in short-range wireless data transfer and describes how the complexity of the protocol could pose a significant learning and development curve for device manufacturers.

Bluetooth is the de-facto standard for all short-range, wireless data transfer and is used by devices ranging from mobile handsets to medical equipment and automotive entertainment systems. Jungo’s BTware takes the complexity and guesswork out of integrating a Bluetooth stack into any Bluetooth-enabled embedded device. BTware is a ready-made and fully industry-compliant solution for Bluetooth software connectivity, with wide support for major protocol layers and profiles.


When it comes to short-range wireless data transfer, Bluetooth is the protocol of choice. Thanks to its low power consumption and the low cost of transceivers, Bluetooth is today the de facto standard in such devices as mobile handsets, automotive infotainment systems; TV set top boxes, and medical devices. Whether your products are designated for a specific industry or whether they target the consumer market, equipping them with Bluetooth is no longer an option if they require short-range, wireless data transfer. A stable, robust and flexible protocol stack is the key to a smooth and seamless Bluetooth integration. This White Paper examines the complexities of integrating Bluetooth capability into both portable and tethered devices and introduces BTware; Jungo’s embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack.

More information: Integrating Bluetooth Capability into Your Design White Paper (pdf)